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Sikkens Cetol THB Plus Translucent Woodstain Mahogany 5 Litre

Product Description

  • It is suitable for use on exterior softwood and hardwood joinery, windows and doors.

    Cetol THB PLUS is a translucent semi-gloss finish coating for use over Cetol HLS PLUS or as a maintenance coat for existing woodstain systems on windows and doors.

    Cetol THB plus is highly suitable as an alternative to Cetol Filter 7 plus for use on less exposed surfaces, or where slightly more frequent maintenance periods are acceptable.

    It is not suitable for use on decking or other areas subjected to high levels of abrasion.

  • A medium build, solvent-borne woodstain that gives a translucent semi-gloss finish, and is suitable for areas where more frequent maintenance periods are acceptable

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