ATCL10120 Silvia

Silvia Women Formula - 120 Tablets


Product Description

  • Supplements on the market are usually unisex but this does not make sense because the bodies of a man and a woman are different.
    • Most multivitamins have vitamins and/or minerals
  • If Calcium was present in the morning tablet, unwanted side effects will take place
  • Silvia multivitamin has been studied to be taken daily
  • Rich in the natural building blocks of female hormones.
    • In the evening tablet there is a combination of calcium, vitamin D3, glucosamine and chondroitin to prevent from osteoporosis

  • • Reduces the intensity and frequency of pre-menstrual symptoms and period pains.
    • It’s a women formula with an essential oil base that helps to protect sexual, organic and tissue structures and specific membranes.
    • Contains precursors of essential sexual factors for erogenous zone and improves fertility.
    • Prepares and contributes to elongate the gynaecological life of a woman and helps in having a regular transition during menopause.
    • Nutriprotector of the nervous system and reduces stress.
    • Unique formula in the world market
  • When there is need for extra soya and isoflavones Silvia multivitamin can be taken in combination with Silvia feminin syrup or Silvia women patches.
  • • SILVIA® Women Formula is only for women
  • E.g
  • SILVIA® Women Formula has vitamins, minerals and food supplements such as Lecithin, Lutein, Glucosamine, Tryptophan and Royal Jelly.
    • Specific supplement for women and for the time of the day
  • When there is need for extra iron and folic acid Silvia multivitamin can be taken in combination with Silvia eriglobulin
  • Fixation of Calcium occurs usually during the night and that is why Calcium-vitamin D3 is present only in the evening tablets
  • When there is need for extra calcium Silvia multivitamin can be taken in combination with Silvia osteo
  • Similarly Iron and Folic acid are mainly needed during the night for assimilation.
    • A perfect natural hormone balance


1 pink tablet in the morning and 1 blue tablet in the evening.

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