MACT10003 Simply Gentle

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Buds - Pack of 200

  • These are available as standard tipped bud or as a cosmetic bud for make-up application and removal
  • Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Buds
  • Both products are produced on bio-degradable paper stems.


Product Description

  • Future plans include widening the Simply Gentle product range into clothing, towels bedding and wipes.

    The organic cotton used by Macdonald and Taylor comes from small village farming smallholders in Tanzania, East Africa
  • The organic control and cultivation methods include: using trap plants (sunflower and pigeon pea), ox-driven weeding, crop rotation and cattle animal manure fertilisation
  • The Tanzanian farmers are given a guaranteed market for their organic cotton at a premium price with payment in cash
  • Helped by environmental experts and self-help initatives, organic cotton farmers on smallholdings in Tanzania attract beneficial insects to their cotton plots to counter harmful pests
  • Research has shown that organic cotton plots with sunflowers had ten times more beneficial ants (which eat the eggs and larvae of the harmful bollworm) than cotton plots without sunflowers.
  • The new organic range includes make-up removal pads, balls and pleats and buds
  • Cotton is the second most important source of foreign exchange for the country after coffee
  • The farmers in the organic area mainly keep cattle, but also grow food crops (maize, groundnuts and sweet potatoes) for their own consumption, with cotton being their only cash crop.

    Under the "Sustainable Development" programme, alternative plant protection methods have been introduced, and yields similar to conventional chemical methods can be achieved


For over 100 years MacDonald & Taylor has been manufacturing and supplying branded and own label cotton wool for domestic and export markets. Today the company has an enviable reputation for service, quality and competitiveness.
MacDonald & Taylor were the first company to develop and manufacture organic cotton wool products within the UK.
Today the company is looking to extend the ‘Simply Gentle Organic Range’ to ensure we look after the environment as much as we do ourselves.

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