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Skin Doctors Hair No More - Pack

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  • Contains 2 x 100ml of hair removal cream plus 120ml spray


Product Description

  • Comes as an entire system including 2 jars of gentle but powerful depilatory cream and the revolutionary hair growth inhibitor spray that helps keep hair away for months and months at a time
  • Australia’s No.1 hair removal breakthrough!
    HairNoMore painlessly removes unsightly facial and body hair and helps prevent hair regrowth
  • Hair that does grow back is often finer, sparser and lighter than before …in many cases the hair doesn’t grow back again!
    Note:unique hair growth inhibitor spray can also be purchased as a separate item.


No more tweezing, no more waxing, no more pain with HairNoMore!
Incredible two-step formula both removes excess body hair and also helps prevent hair regrowth.

This unique formula is applied in two simple steps

Step 1.Our delicate cream instantly and painlessly removes unwanted hair from face or body, even the darkest, coarsest hair that may have been causing you a lifetime of embarrassment. The new powerful formula now works even faster.

Step 2.The scientifically developed Growth Inhibitor Spray can help retard hair regrowth. Hair that does grow back may be finer, sparser, and lighter than before ... in many cases the hair never grows back again.

Long-term hair removal in a bottle
Not only does HairNoMore mean that hair doesn’t appear for weeks, even months at a time, but over time it can also change the appearance of dark thick coarse hair to softer, finer, lighter hair, which resembles that of a baby. In many cases the hair doesn’t appear again - leaving you smooth and hair-free!

No side effects ...
... except for the slowed appearance of hair growth and softer skin. The product is easily applied and contains soothing plant and herbal extracts. There’s no pain, no effort, no preparation and there’s no skin irritation.

“After using the HairNoMore system, I no longer have to shave ... I can honestly say I have noticed a great difference. The hairs are less noticeable and many have not even grown back.”
Vincent, Victoria

“... HairNoMore makes my hair stay away for months and the little hair that did grow back was softer and unnoticeable ... I was truly amazed.”
Gillian Coombs, Sydney

Australia’s favourite long-term hair retarding system, HairNoMore, has been reformulated to be so powerful that beauticians are asking: “Could this be the end of salon treatments?”

No more waxing, No more laser, No more electrolysis, No more pain ... Discover ‘New and Improved HairNoMore’.

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1 out of 5
By Addie | Posted on: 10/05/2013

Does not work

I have been trying Hair no more for several months and I can tell your customers that it is a waste of time buying this product as it is no different from similar hair removing creams on the market. Your inhibitor certainly does not work, in fact I would say the problem is worse and the cream burns sensitive skin like mine. Customers, please don't waste your money.


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