LITR16309 Slamm

Slamm Infinity Scooter Bearings - 4 Pack

  • Pack of 4 608 size bearings ultra fast and ultra smooth
  • Designed for scooters not washing machines!
  • Specifically manufactured for the abuse
  • Extremely resistant bearings


Product Description

  • Brand new Slamm Bearings are skate rated which means they are a higher grade of bearing to ABEC 9's.
  • These super smooth and fast bearings will last ages and keep your riding super fast and smooth!
  • Slamm Scooters is a British brand making scooters designed to take the pace in skateparks
  • Slamm Scooters make top quality Scooters and Scooter components at great value
  • The scooters have been thrashed around skate parks by some of the UK's best riders and have received great feedback


These bearings have been specifically manufactured for the abuse you put your scooter through. They don't have an ABEC rating because they are designed for scooters not washing machines!

About Brand

With years of freestyle scooter experience, Slamm’s products are designed and developed in-house to the highest standards, pushing the boundaries to the max, in order to bring you the most stunning range of stunt scooters around! Behind the scenes of Slamm Scooters lies a small team, most of whom grew up in and are still shredding around the skatepark. We work with a great team of experts! We design, develop and test all Slamm products in the UK and have a Slamm agent in our factory who drop tests all Slamm products, ensuring quality and consistency throughout production. We spend a lot of time developing our range and are proud to offer high end specs with stunning cosmetics at affordable prices, meaning new riders can get sessioning on a scooter that performs, without having to spend a fortune. We work with amazing riders and scooter shops all year round, meaning we can react fast and make sure we develop what riders need on new models, as well as making regular tweaks and upgrades to current models. We are always open to suggestions from the public too. Here at Slamm, we offer you full aftermarket support, so whether you have a loose clamp or a flat spotted wheel, or anything in between we are here to help. We advise on how to sort any issues you may have and what spare parts you may need. Slamm Support is available by phone, e-mail and through our recently launched Youtube Channel where you will find a range of videos talking you through common issues, as well as some fun promo videos that we just couldn’t resist creating! On top of developing sick products, we hook up riders in the UK and Europe who you’ll see tearing up their local skateparks and at national comps. We’ve got a strong online presence where you can get involved with Slamm Scooters, find out the latest on new products and riders, and even win some awesome Slamm gear! Just check out our social pages via the buttons at the top of the website.

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Age Range

5 years - 25 years




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