IASH12797 Unbranded

Sleeping Partners (Lou Wakefield)

  • About her marriage to a partner who thinks that bedtime is just for sleeping, about her routine job - her routine life
  • A family wedding provides the excuse for Loma to sweep her mother and her faithless husband up into Business Class and head chez Watkins
  • It may be better to travel hopefully than to arrive, but for Pauline and Loma, a holiday swap turns into the journey of a lifetime
  • Otherwise contents all fine
  • When Pauline Watkins wakes up one morning to discover she's thirty-nine, she decides Something Must Be Done
  • An exotic holiday would be a start, and fairexchange.biz offers a solution - swap her council estate semi outside Leicester for a piece of paradise in Australia
  • Same or next day despatch from UK dealer.
  • Pauline presses Send
  • Some minor wear to box
  • On the other side of the world, Loma Mackenzie has reached a similar conclusion, but for a rather different reason: her sleeping partner is sleeping around
  • 10 tape collection


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