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Small Roller Heads (6)

  • Key Features Provides accurate & consistent delivery of depilatory wax
  • Guidelines Professional tips for use: Place head on top of roller depilatory cartridge and rotate clockwise on screw thread until tight and aligned with shoulder of cartridge.Take care not to over tighten as this may damage the head
  • Manufactured from high quality shock & heat resistant thermo plastic
  • Patented Grooved Head ensures even distribution of depilatory wax
  • Then roll onto treatment area following the direction of hair growth to deliver a thin layer of depilatory wax
  • Easy to clean & sterilise should therapists wish to re-use them
  • Ideal for underarm bikini & facial waxing
  • To ensure the wax rolls through the head with immediate effect when applied to the treatment area roll onto a fabric or paper strip first
  • Care Instructions Store in a dry cool place.
  • Patented grooved Small Roller Heads provide accurate & consistent delivery of depilatory wax for hygienic salon professional hair removal
  • When heated and ready to use take cartridge with roller head locked in position and turn upside down to allow wax to flow to the head
  • Ensures an economic & hygienic application of depilatory wax
  • Disposable to provide ultimate hygiene


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