TSGR10010 Smooze!

Smooze! Simply Coconut Fruit Ice - 6 x (5 x 65ml)

  • The research and nutritional evidence in support of coconut milk has come full circle
  • Smooze! Simply Coconut Fruit Ice
  • Where it was once thought to be a food to avoid, scientists have now discovered that the fats in coconut milk, although saturated, are quite different to the saturated fats found in animal products.


Product Description

  • As such, elite athletes use coconut milk as a pre-event food.

    Why it's good for you?

    Simply Coconut Smooze is an all-natural, ice-cream alternative
    Some of the medium chain fatty acids in coconut milk are identical to those found in human breast milk – they are highly nutritious
    It’s a simple combination of coconut milk and all-natural vegetable gums
    It’s like vegan ice-cream but much better for you
    It relaxes your mind (not scientifically proven of course but it just kinda does)

    Why we love it

    Simply Coconut is a truly delicious, frozen coconut treat
    It’s not artificially flavoured so the gentle coconut flavour is true to life
    Coconut fats are good for you
  • Such is the physical structure of these fats, they are metabolised quite differently by the body, delivered straight to the liver and used by the body as a preferred source of fuel
  • Simply Coconut is higher in calorie content than the fruit varieties of Smooze but we’re still talking less than the same sized serve of ice cream
    You can plate this one up as a dessert and serve with your favourite berries or pudding – YUMMO!
    You can blend this one with a little milk (rice, soy, almond or dairy) and a banana - amazing

    Suitable for
    Dairy intolerant, the health-focussed, coconut-loving, people who love sensuous textures on their tongue


Coconut milk 80%, natural cane sugar, maltodextrin, fructose, konjac gum, locus bean gum, xanthan gum, natural coconut flavour, salt.

Manufactured by

The Sambu Group









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