PPLW10853 SleepPro

Snoring Cure - Stop Snoring Chin Strap

  • So get rid of it as quick as you can
  • Snoring is an embarrassment when traveling with others and new research has shown that loud snoring leads to serious health risks
  • This strap can be cleaned easily and can be adjusted accordingly
  • Anti-Snoring Device - Chin Strap from SleepPro can be an effective solution to your snoring problems
  • Sleep Pro Chin strap is the cheapest way to get rid of snoring.Key Features:• Simple, affordable anti- snoring device, worn across the chin and around the top/back of head• Adjustable design for easy positioning• Proven to vastly reduce the problem of dry mouth during sleep• Easy to clean (hand or machine wash)
  • This device is particularly effective if it is used with SleepPro mouth pieces, as more emphasis is laid on nasal breathing
  • It has been found that 80% of snorers tend to open their mouth while sleeping
  • This Chin strap helps to keep your jaw closed and makes you breathe through your nose


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