SNUL10000 Snugglebundl

Snugglebundl Baby Blanket - Grey Stars

  • Move a sleeping baby without waking, even from a car seat to a pram! Great for your back and post birth recovery and great for your baby to get the sleep and development he/she needs
  • baby clothes
  • Baby wrap that fully supports your babies head
  • Baby gift
  • The best baby product to make your life much easier for the first six months after birth
  • pregnancy gift.
  • baby lifting blanket


Product Description

  • This allows you to move your baby without waking and wrap them all snug and cosily when you put them down
  • Great for your back and post birth recovery and allows your baby to get the sleep and he/she needs
  • The padded platform behind the head and hammock like structure enables full head support for your baby
  • The first six months is the most stressful so using this product whilst the baby's neck is getting stronger and you are recovering from any post pregnancy back pain or post birth symptoms
  • It means you can take your baby out of a car seat without worrying about it being in there too long
  • Fully safety tested to EU regulations.
  • This product is multi award winning and comes recommended not only by mums and dads but by Doctors, chiropractors, Midwives and Sleep experts etc
  • It's a baby product to make your life so much easier for the first six months after birth


Be careful and you'll be fine. We don't recommend that you carry the Snugglebundl, although it is tested to 30kg it is effectively a garment that helps you lift and lay your baby without waking them or supports you back and your baby's head. We only advise to carry when going down stairs because this it is safer for seeing the steps.


Simple place your baby's head in the hood, fold any excess material over the legs, take both soft padded handles and gently lift into your arms. All the loving cuddles, straight to your arms without the stress of head support or waking your baby. Fits in car seats and prams- see videos on you tube or website (links below).


“The product itself is very well made and the stitching is very secure. I particularly liked the head rest part of the Snugglebundl as when my daughter was newly born she felt more secure and would settle easier when she had something supporting her head.” - Dr. Catherine A.S

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We will give you your money back if you are not satisfied with it or there are any problems etc.


We recommend up to 6 months old from new born, even premature babies. However, it is tested to 30kg (weight of a five year old) so you can use it for longer if necessary. It is 100% cotton and has no tog rating due to the fact is can be left open like a dressing gown, shawl.


Tested to EU general product safety standards. EU Compliance SI No 1803.




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