HINA14312 Soladey-eco

Soladey-eco Ionic Toothbrush Assorted Colours

  • No toothpaste necessary, taste your breakfast!
  • Far better cleaning results than normal toothbrushes - see you teeth brighten over the first month of usage.
  • Replacement heads available
  • Product support from Natural Spa Supplies - we use these toothbrushes ourselves!
  • Reduced build up of plaque and scale, conditions gums and improves ciculation

Product Description

The Ionic Toothbrush works in a revolutionary way. There’s a light-activated titanium rod, which is a semiconductor, inside the handle. When exposed to light (a plain light bulb, a fluorescent tube or daylight), the rod releases negative ions. The ions blend with your saliva and pull positive ions from the plaque on your teeth, neutralising its acidity. Once neutralised, the plaque disintegrates - the natural and scientific approach to a cleaner and healthier mouth!

Clinical studies:
Scientific studies have shown that titanium in a toothbrush has an anti-bacterial action when exposed to light. Clinical trials have proved that a light-activated ionic toothbrush removes dental plaque and helps restore healthy gums.

Replaceable brush head:
The ionic toothbrush will last a lifetime if used correctly and the rod is kept clean (especially if you’re using toothpaste). The brush heads should be replaced at least every 2 to 3 months, but remember not to throw the handle and rod away!


To brush your teeth first moisten the brush and rod (saliva is sufficient outdoors) then brush the teeth lightly but thoroughly; force is not necessary. It’s important to use the brightest light source available and to open your mouth wide so that the light can reach your teeth right at the back. You’ll notice that your saliva foams lightly when the toothbrush is working effectively. If toothpaste is used, it should only be very little.


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