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Soluble Sulphate Of Iron Lawn Tonic - 10Kg

Soluble Sulphate Of Iron Lawn Tonic Moss Control
  • Easily water absortion
  • Mineral fertiliser
  • Stored away from moisture.


Product Description

Sulphate of Iron Moss Killer &Lawn Tonic For best results it is advisable to treat the whole lawn, not just the mossy areas, as iron sulphate has an acidifying effect and can cause a difference between treated and untreated areas. Once the moss has died back, you can scarify out the debris - ideally 5-14 days after application. Other Uses Soil improver for acid loving plants: Sulphate of Iron improves soil conditions for acid loving plants and can be used to reduce the alkalinity of soils, helping make available the natural elements and nutrients essential to the healthy cultivation of plants which thrive in acid conditions. All calcifuge (lime hating plants) such as azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, conifers, as well as many ericas and alpines can benefit from regular top dressing with Elixir Sulphate Of Iron. For moss control in turf: Mix 1kg with 15 litres of water minimum, this will be sufficient to cover 500m? - For turf hardening and greening up: Mix 0.7kg with 15 litres of water, this will be sufficient to cover 500m? Please Note: Iron Sulphate can stain concrete and paving slabs, please wear gloves when handling the product or dilute mixture at all times. Keep pets off treated areas for at least one week, Horses should be keep off treated areas for at least 4 weeks and not allowed to graze. The product absorbs water easily, so is best stored well away from moisture.


- 10 Kg.

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By bill the glue | Posted on: 12/02/2016

Sulphate of Iron Lawn Tonic

Product competitively priced, up to now I give this company 5 stars.


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