DASO10002 Somersets

Somersets Shave Oil For Men - Original - 15ml

  • A cooling moisturising oil that lubricates the skin for an extra close shave


Product Description

  • This is the original world renowned Shaving Oil which we introduced in 1991
  • It's a blend of pure plant oils - including soothing essential oils - Lavender, Tea Tree, and Rosemary which help prevent razor bumps and irritation
  • The cooling menthol leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth
  • We use only the purest natural ingredients to give you the most effective shave and skincare system


At first, it seems totally impractical: requiring only two or three drops of this lightly fragranced liquid to be rubbed into the beard. What follows has to be experience to be believed. A liberal splash of water activates its extraordinary lubricating powers, allowing the blade to simply glide through the toughest bristle.

It's 100% natural, made from only pure essential oils and menthol giving a perfect shave, free from nicks and razor burn. It contains no alcohol or astringents and won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Used over a period of time, Somersets Shaving Oil actually conditions, leaving the face moisturised and supple - quite a contrast to the harsh chemicals in traditional foam and gels. Somersets Shaving Oil also helps eliminate razor bumps.


The David Somerset Skincare Company was founded in Henley-On-Thames, England in 1991, with the aim of providing men with innovative, high quality shaving and skincare products. Somersets Shaving Oil is the original shaving oil, often copied but never equalled. We always use the highest quality natural ingredients available and directly import these from places as diverse as Shanghai and Brazil, to make them affordable for inclusion in our products. We have now developed an equally effective of pre and post shave products to provide a complete shaving system. We have sold many million units throughout the world over the years and built up a loyal audience.

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