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Soya Protein Isolate Powder With Aminos - Natural - 500g

  • It has been devised to provide a source of easily assimilable plant protein for vegetarians, vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.
  • An excellent supplement to the vegetarian or vegan diet, this 100% natural source product is free from added salt, sugar, artificial flavours and artificial colouring


Product Description

  • An easily blended drink powder containing soya protein isolate lactose & gluten free
  • No added salt.
  • The powder mixes easily and smoothly and is ideal for children and anyone who is convalescing
  • Soya protein provides all the essential amino acids which the body cannot make and thus need to be converted from food.

    Lactose free, Gluten free, Low in fat
  • Alternatively it can be mixed with fruit juice, skimmed milk or water to make a wholesome nutritious drink
  • No sugars
  • Soya Protein is suitable for use as a nutritious thickener in gravies, savouries, stews and sauces and can also be mixed into fruit juice, soups, yoghurts, cream and hot drinks; or sprinkled on cereals
  • An excellent supplement to the vegetarian or vegan
  • As a part flour replacer it can be used when preparing cakes, puddings, quiches and other pastry based dishes

Nutrition Information

Pure Soya Protein Isolate.

Nutrition Information (Typical Values).

NUTRITION Per 100g / Per 30g serving with 300mls skimmed milk

ENERGY k-Joules 1615 527
k-Calories 380 124

PROTEIN (on a dry basis) 96g
(on an as is basis) 90g 36g

Of which sugars Trace 1.50g

TOTAL FAT 4g 4.03g

SODIUM 1.20g 1.22g

Typical Amino Acid Profile per 100g of product

Alanine 4.3g * Methionine 1.4g
Arginine 8.2g * Phenylalanine 5.4g
Aspartic Acid 12.0g Proline 5.5g
Cysteine 1.2g Serine 5.5g
Glutamic Acid 19.9g * Threonine 3.9g
Glycine 4.3g * * Tryptophan 1.1g
Histidine 2.7g Tyrosine 4.2g
* Isoleucine 4.7g * Valine 4.7g
* Leucine 8.3g
* Lysine 6.4g

* Essential Amino Acids ** Tryptophan is naturally occurring


Can be used as a fortifier or thickener in stews, gravies, savouries etc, mixed into fruit juices, yoghurts, creams or sprinkled on cereals. If used as a drink, mix 30 grams of powder (approx 3 rounded tablespoonfuls) with 300ml (approx ½ pint) water, fruit juice or skimmed milk. Blend until smooth and creamy. For maximum benefit use skimmed milk which is a source of calcium and other essential nutrients. You may vary the amount of powder to suit your individual requirements.

Mixed with 300ml of skimmed milk, a 30g serving gives approx 40g of protein. Soya Protein can also be used in cooking as a part flour replacer, making it suitable for use in cakes, pancakes, quiches and puddings.


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