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LAHE16396 Spatone

Spatone Iron Supplement Sachets - 14-Day Pack

by Spatone

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  • 100% natural iron-rich water straight from the source.

Selected Size: 14-Day Pack

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Product Description

    • For Men:
      Spatone is an excellent natural iron food to help maintain optimal iron status which is so essential for high energy levels.

      For Pregnancy:
      Health professionals advise women to review their diet and lifestyle when planning for a new baby
    • Spatone is extremely useful to help maintain or quickly build up your iron levels at this time
    • In preparation for your pregnancy, one sachet of Spatone can provide the entire average (absorbed) daily iron requirement, and help to maintain or build up your iron level
    • Clinical trials have proven it to be a highly absorbable and effective supplement during pregnancy
    • This lethargy is commonly caused by a lack of iron, perhaps through natural blood loss during delivery
    • Ideally, it is recommended that couples give themselves 6-12 months to get to optimum health before conceiving
    • A health check is often a good idea
    • In order to have a healthy baby iron together with other important vitamins and minerals is a good foundation
    • Lack of energy at this time can detract from the enjoyment and ability to cope with the demands that a new baby can bring
    • For Post Natal use..
    • Spatone provides a gentle alternative iron supplement that is ideal to take at this time
    • It is often at this time that women are prescribed iron tablets and suffer with the uncomfortable symptoms that are often associated with them such as constipation
    • Up to 30% of women are iron deficient
    • Research has shown that iron requirement can double during the second half of pregnancy
    • Spatone's iron rich water comes from Snowdonia and is collected at the Trefiw Wells Spa.
      Spatone is easily absorbed and gentle on your stomach.

      For Women:
      Just one sachet of Spatone provides the entire average daily absorbed iron requirement, helping to give extra energy at a time when women and girls need it most.

      For Children:
      The only 100% natural iron supplement available, it is suitable for children over the age of two and can be diluted in fruit juice - providing your children's entire average daily iron requirement, a mineral which is absolutely essential for energy production and healthy growth in a tasty nutritional drink
    • For during your pregnancy..
    • Because of this exceptional demand for iron, requirements are often not met by diet alone
    • It is important to replace it; not only to boost energy levels, but to aid the healthy production of milk


  • Iron supplements can sometimes cause tummy upsets and constipation. Although while taking Spatone this is unlikely, should problems occur tell your healthcare professional (e.g. Doctor, Pharmacist, Midwife). They may suggest you try a combination of the following steps:

    Dilute Spatone in water or fruit juice.
    Take after a meal instead of on an empty stomach.
    Reduce intake to half a sachet or less and gradually build up to a full sachet.

Nutrition Information

  • A Spatone sachet has 5mg of iron, approximately one third of the RDA.

    However, because the iron in Spatone is better absorbed (up to 40%), one daily sachet as part of your diet should still fulfill 100% of your body's iron requirement.


  • Spatone is best taken with fruit juice (not grape) since the Vitamin C in fruit juice will improve your body's absorption of iron.

    However, some substances in foods or drinks can reduce your body's ability to absorb iron, these includeL teas and wine (tannin), dairy foods and calcium supplements (calcium); raw cereal (phytates) and carbonated drinks (phosphates).


  • SPATONE is suitable for adults and children (over two years of age) requiring iron, who may also be...

    - Taking prescribed medication
    - Pre - or post - natal
    - Breast feeding
    - Hyperallergic
    - Pre - or post - operative
    - Vegetarian or Vegan
    - Convalescent
    - Athletic

    Spatone is especially suitable for anyone who cannot tolerate manufactured iron preparations, and, when there is a need to take extra iron long term and there is concern about taking high quantities causing iron accumulation. Spatone is a safe and effective iron food alternative, ideal for long term use.

    Because Spatone is 100% natural and comes from a natural source there have been no added ingredients. Spatone has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.



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