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Spatone Liquid Iron With Apple Taste & Vitamin C - 28-Day (28 x 25ml)

  • Spatone Apple comes in convenient, one-a-day sachets that can be easily popped into your pocket or handbag
  • Spatone Liquid Iron With Apple Taste & Vitamin C
  • No measuring or mixing needed! Ideal to use when you are on-the-go!


Product Description

  • Furthermore we have added Vitamin C, well-known for its ability to increase the absorption of iron.

    Spatone Apple, your daily iron and Vitamin C supplement.

    Spatone is scientifically shown to provide iron in a form that is readily available for the body to use, helping to safeguard your daily iron intake while causing fewer of the side effects often experienced with iron supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation or headaches.

    Iron is an essential mineral for the human body, required to transport oxygen and ensure vitality and energy release
  • Spatone is now even more convenient due to our latest addition to the range: Spatone Apple.

    This newly-launched, apple-flavoured, pre-mixed format simply combines Spatone, 100% natural iron-rich spa water, with a delicious apple taste from a natural source
  • Iron also plays a key role in helping to maintain a healthy immune system and sustain concentration levels
  • Our body’s iron stores need to be continuously replenished and with today’s hectic lifestyle it’s not always easy to obtain sufficient quantities of iron from our diet
  • In fact latest figures from the Department of Health show that as many as 91% of women aged 16-64 may not get their RDA of iron in their diets.

    Choosing Spatone Apple as part of your daily routine can help maintain healthy iron levels actively contributing towards your overall wellbeing.

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