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Speed Rack Containers Stainless Steel - Soho Spices - 5 Containers

  • Speed Rack Containers (5 Containers) by Soho Spices:
  • The rack comes with 5 containers that each have metal back plate for wall mounting
  • It is food-safe and resistant to stains
  • Odourless containers
  • Made from hand-polished stainless steel
  • Hand wash only
  • Silicone sealed-tops for airtight seal


Product Description

  • Showcase spices with contemporary design
  • Save space and make functional art from the spices within your kitchen
  • Silicone sealed-tops create tightly sealed lids that twist and pour
  • Stainless steel speed rack is designed to hang from under the cabinet or shelf
  • Made from hand-polished 18/8 stainless steel that is food-safe and resistant to both stains and odors
  • Hand wash only
  • Measurements vary (see Dimensions & Specifications for details)


Spice Shakers from Soho Spices of the USA are made from stainless steel with twist & shake lids and magnetic bases, making them easy to use and put back without any hassle. Several set options are available - with or without magnetic wall sheets - and the shakers will stick to most fridges and metallic surfaces. Filled with an array of colourful spices, they utilise wall space, enhancing the décor instead of adding to the clutter.


Twist and Shake! Patented Stainless Steel Twist and Shake containers with magnetic bases for easy storage and fast access, with a variety of backplates to choose from. Fill them with a colourful array of spices to enhance décor without adding to clutter.


Item Dimensions Magnetic Container (Dia x H") 2 ? x 2 ?" Strip board (W x D x H") 15 x 2 ? x 3 ¾" Material: Stainless Steel (18/8) UPC: 026914-650575 Carton Pack: 6 Carton Weight: 12.00 lbs

About Brand

Inspired by a love of cooking and a lack of space in her Manhattan kitchen, designer Laura Martin decided to reinvigorate kitchens everywhere with a New York touch. Laura set out to create a line of storage solutions for spices that would be a "functional" design element. Thus we get a design that is practical, easy to use and also shows off the beautiful array of colors and textures of the spices and enhances the decor of any space. The design proved so effective that people soon started buying multiple units to use as storage solutions all over the house – from office, to craft corner, to workbench, to vanity. And so our plastic See & Store line was conceived to further expand this innovative storage solution.

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