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Spree Classic Edition Board Game


Product Description

  • Midnight
  • Springtime
  • The Mall is beckoning.

    Welcome to LeGrand Mall, the oldest and most poorly secured indoor mall in the world
  • It's as airtight as the Titanic and as solid as a wet paper bag
  • Now you've just got to get all this loot back to your car before the other players shoot you and try to steal it.

  • It's not enough to simply loot this mall
  • You've got a hand of cards which represents your shopping list
  • Which boils down to an all-night looting race, with shopping carts, flashlights, and guns.

    The object? Park your car, dash into the mall, and load your shopping cart with the goodies on your list
  • No, you have to do it with a certain amount of flair
  • You can snitch stuff out of the stores if you like, but it's even more fun (and easier) to steal it from your friends
  • This place just begs to be robbed.

    Enter you
  • When you hit the right stores, put the cards into your Shopping Cart (on the table in front of you) and draw some more
  • And that would explain why you're carrying a huge gun.

    Your primary Pawn is you, your other Pawn is your car
  • And your infantile collection of friends

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