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St Dalfour Organic Chocolate Sauce - 300g

  • St
  • St Dalfour Organic Chocolate Sauce
  • Dalfour has created Organic sauces which are better for you
  • They are particularly delicious on top of fresh fruit
  • Children will love them with fruit!


Product Description

  • Dalfour Sauces are guaranteed to be organic by the French Organic Association Ecocert SA as well as Australian Certified Organic
  • (A blessing for children.) Simple remove the inner seal and turn upside down
  • They know just how much chocolate to add to the milk solids
  • Gently squeeze
  • Genius at work!

    Easy To Use:

    St Dalfour chocolate and other sauces come in a pack which is extremely easy to use
  • No pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics or other harmful substances are used to make St
  • They know exactly what percentage of each ingredient should be used to make a delicious sauce, how to blend all the ingredients together, and then cook to an ideal temperature
  • Organic:

  • Made with food safe, eco-friendly plastic which will not break if dropped
  • This organic syrup has a very low glycemic index
  • No drip
  • Dalfour Sauces are made without the addition of fat
  • No mess.
  • Dalfour Sauces
  • Also “organic” helps the planet because organic farming methods respect the earth and environment.

    Low Fat:

  • They have a delicious taste because they are made with premium rice and agave syrups which have a wonderful texture
  • The minute one stops squeezing, the sauce stops pouring
  • They are wholesome and nutritious
  • Foods with lower glycemic indexes can help maintain normal blood sugar levels and therefore may reduce the likelihood of sugar shock.

    Delicious Taste:

    The French chefs who created these Sauces are masters of the culinary arts
  • No waste
  • The sauce pours easily due to a special patented valve
  • The small quantity of fat (less than 2%) comes from the cacao.

    Low Cholesterol:

    Since the sauces are very low in fat, they are low in cholesterol.

    Low Glycemic Index:

    These delicious Sauces are made from a blend of premium organic agave and rice syrups
  • It costs three times more than a syrup made with sugar but it is worth the extra cost to have the low glycemic index


Organic agave syrup (65%), Organic rice syrup (25.70%), Organic cocoa powder (7.15%), Organic milk powders (1.98%)

Nutrition Information

Energy 469 kj 1340 kj
Protein 0.95 g 2.7 g
Fat Total 0.42 g 1.2 g
Saturated Fat 0.25 g 0.7 g
Trans Fat <0.1 g <0.1 g
Carbohydrate Total 25.8 g 73.8 g
Sugars 19.6 g 56.0 g
Sodium 6.7 mg 19 mg
Cholesterol < 2 mg < 2 mg

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Expected Despatch By 28/10/2016

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