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Stabila 196-2 Electronic Spirit Level IP65 3 Vial 17670 60cm

Product Description

  • This professional quality level with electronic inclinometer is ideal for carpenters, joiners, kitchen builders, metalworkers, formworkers, construction engineers, pipe fitters and many more.The Electronic inclinometer has a dual display for accurate easy reading of inclinations in all positions
  • A second display located in the upper surface for easier reading of the measured value
  • With angle indication in degrees, percentage, mm/m, in/ft.

    Accoustic signal for horizontal and vertical measuring, audible inclination guide with three different signal tones allowing the user to arrange elements without having to look at the spirit level

  • It has removeable endcaps for measuring flush into corners, a special coating to protect level against dirt and ruberised handholes for easier handling.

    Measuring accuracy of electronic module @ 0° and 90° 0.05° @ 1° and 89° 0.2°

    Measuring accuracy of spirit level: in normal position: 0.029° = 0.5mm/m, and in upside down position 0.029° = 0.5mm/m.

    Stabila 196-2 Electronic Spirit Level.

    Length: 600mm (24 in).

  • Stabila 196-2E Electronic Level with IP65 protection against water and dust

  • With automatic switch off can be selected after 10min or 2 hours.

    As a spirit level it has extra long ribbed profile providing a high resistance to deformation during everyday use on site and a permanently moulded precision vials for overhead reading - no readjustment required

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