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Stahlwille Double Ended Ring Spanner 18 x 19mm

Product Description

  • Metric, drop forged from high-grade special steels and chrome plated
  • They are extremely strong yet lightweight due to Stahlwille's 'double-T profile'
  • Stahlwille Series 20 Double Ended Ring Spanners

  • Manufactured to DIN 838ISO 10104.

    The spanners are optimally hardened in continuous furnaces with no scale build-up or skin decarburisation and gently quenched in oil

  • The unique plating method prevents the problem of chrome flaking.

    The ring end of the spanners are equipped with an Anti-Slip Drive profile to permit high transmission of forces to the flats of the nuts and bolts without damaging them.


    Stahlwille Double Ended Ring Spanner.

    Size: 18 x 19mm.
    Length: 275mm.

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