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Stahlwille Hexagon Socket 3/4in Drive 32mm - 32mm

Product Description

  • It is free from cadmium and therefore suitable for use on titanium alloy parts and titanium fasteners, such as those used in the aerospace industry, where safety is a crucial factor.

    The socket is equipped with an anti-slip drive to permit high transmission of forces to the lands of the nuts and bolts without damaging them.

    Manufactured to DIN 3124/ISO 2725-1, ASME B 107.5M.


    Stahlwille Hexagon Socket 3/4 in Drive.

    Size: 32mm.
    Length: 58mm.

  • Stahlwille Hexagon Sockets with 3/4in drive made from HPQ® high performance quality steel and chrome plated.

    The socket has an extremely high load capacity with exceptionally thin rings and walls

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