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Star Tron Super Concentrate Enzyme Petrol Treatment, 30ml Pocket Size

  • Star Tron is a revolutionary multifuctional enzyme fuel treatment! It improves fuel quality works in all engines removes gum varnish and carbon and cures ethanol fuel problems!Star Tron uses highly specialised naturally occurring enzymes to modify how petrol fuel burns resulting in more complete and uniform combustion with reduced carbon emissions. This same enzyme package breaks down fuel sludge and allows water to be dispersed throughout the fuel as sub-micron sized droplets that can be eliminated as the engine operates while also cleaning the entire fuel delivery system.Star Tron is not affected by and does not affect any fuel treatment that may already be in use. There is no possibility of any negative chemical interaction. Because Star Tron is pure fuel it cannot be over dosed. It is formulated for use in boats cars motorcycles small equipment such as lawnmowers or any other 2 and 4 stroke petrol engines.Improves fuel qualityEnhances engine performanceEasier starting improved throttle response maximum power & enhanced fuel efficiencyCures & prevents Ethanol fuel problemsPowerful fuel stabiliser keeping fuel fresh for two yearsand much moreClick on this link to view a video on Star Tron Fuel Treatment.Sold in 30ml (1 fl.oz) bottle enough to treat 90 litres of fuel. Add 1 cap for every 5 litres petrol. Ideal size for carrying in your pocket. Specialist treatment for all petrol engines.

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