GURE15530 Stitchmaster

Steamaster 818T

  • Instead, most experts say the best places to use a steaming machine are bathrooms (tile, grout, shower doors, etc.), surfaces of large appliances, curtains, wood paneling and metal blinds
  • The Stitchmaster Steamaster 818T Steam Cleaner is a professional upright crease removing machine desgined to sort out any wrinkles just like your local dry cleaner.A professional grade product as used in the clothing and fashion industry.Instantly refresh and remove creases from clothing and household fabrics.Quickly and effectively removes creases and odours from items that would otherwise have to be dry cleaned like suits, jackets and trousers reducing bills and prolonging the life of the item.Simple to use, the single temperature setting is suitable for all fabrics, and is safe to use on delicate fabrics such as cashmere, chiffon and silk.These appliances are not only credited with cleaning but also with sanitizing, disinfecting and killing bacteria, dust mites and mold
  • They shouldn't be used on painted surfaces or soft plastic.



Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


Stitchmaster 1 Year Warranty SM02


  • 9 stage power adjustment
  • Power indicator, digital display screen
  • The wireless remote control with a a handle which adjusts the vapour
  • The Professional way to care for your clothes and house hold fabrics
  • As used in the clothing and fashion industry
  • Perfect for delicate fabrics and decorative detail which are impossible to iron
  • Cuts down on dry cleaning bills
  • Powerful vertical steam action takes out creases and crush marks in moments
  • 1200 to 1600 watt heater
  • Under 1 minute heat up time
  • Continuous steam
  • Dual Temperature Power Control
  • Anti-Slip Hook for the Steam Head
  • Adjustable Ironing Pole
  • Castor Wheeled for Easy and Free Movement
  • Transparent Water Dispenser for Automatic Water Supply
  • Steam Filter Anti-Condensation Water Equipment
  • Concealed Cable Spooling Equipment
  • No Burning or Scorching
  • Removes Unpleasant Oudors
  • Easily Glides right over Sequins, Buttons, Motifs and Prints
  • Removes Wrinkles from clothes right off the Hanger
  • 5.5 Kg

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