RECO10736 Steradent

Steradent Pro 3In1 Tablets - 30 Tablets

  • Steradent Pro 3In1 Tablets. In just 3 Minutes thousands of micro bubbles carry the active oxygen all around the denture killing 99,9% of bacteria. Provides a powerful in-depth clean working where the toothbrush can’t go. Suitable for both full and partial dentures.

Product Description

The formula is safe for mental parts and will not cause corrosion. Use twice daily. Steradent 3 Minutes will leave your dentures feeling perfectly clean and smooth.

Express cleaning in 3 minutes
Kills 99,9% of bacteria
Removes plaque and stains


Directions of Use:
For optimum cleaning results we recommend using Steradent 3 Minutes twice a day. To remove any tartar build-up use Steradent Anti-Tartar once a week.
Rinse denture. Place Steradent 3 min. tablet together with your denture in a glass. Replace cap firmly after use.
Fill with warm water (50°C) to cover dentures and soak for 3 min. DO NOT USE BOILING WARM WATER STRAIGHT FROM THE KETTLE AS THIS WILL DAMAGE DENTURES.
Brush and rinse denture in water thoroughly before wearing.
Dispose of the solution after use and rinse the glass.

Manufactured by

Reckitt & Colman









Expected Despatch By 28/10/2016
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