CAWA10709 Sterimar

Sterimar Congestion Relief Hypertonic Blocked Nose - 100ml

  • 100% natural sea water nasal spray
  • Cleanses the nasal passages
  • Helps to limit the risk of super-infection from the nasal cavity
  • Easy to use
  • With copper salt hypertonic solution

Product Description

Good nasal hygiene with STÉRIMAR makes breathing easier and helps prevent colds, rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and sinusitis. STÉRIMAR® is a nasal spray based on sea water with its concentration of sodium chloride reduced to the level found in the human body. The sea water contained in STÉRIMAR® contains trace elements which offer a number of benefits. Copper, manganese, gold, silver are all valued for their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or anti-allergy properties. resented in aerosol form and featuring a unique microdiffusion process, STÉRIMAR® is the gentle solution for decongestant nasal cleansing for all the family. The unique STÉRIMAR® microdiffusion technique consists of a GENTLE FINE SPRAY of sea water onto the nasal mucosa. The droplets of seawater produced by STÉRIMAR® are extremely fine, and so remain in contact with the nasal mucosa for a longer period. This prolonged contact enhances the penetration of the nasal mucosa by the trace elements. Each dose of STÉRIMAR® delivered is aseptic. The anti-reflux valve prevents air from entering the can. The solution remains perfectly aseptic after each use. STÉRIMAR® can thus be used safely again and again until it reaches its expiry date, even after multiple uses. The microdiffusion effect is produced by the specially designed STÉRIMAR® nozzle. The STÉRIMAR® exclusive nozzle is anatomically formed and self-blocking : it can be used as safely on the tiny nostrils of a baby as on those of an adult. Its graduated diameter adapts to all nostril sizes and prevents any risk of accident when inserting the nozzle into a baby's nostril. (The nozzle is incapable of causing injury or of penetrating too far into the nostril). For maximum hygiene a family pack of 3 nozzles, each distinguished by a different pastel-coloured dolphin, is available from pharmacies so that each member of the family can have his or her own individual nozzle.


Sea water 31.82 ml per 100 ml Solution in physiological concentration


Its exclusive anatomically-formed and self-blocking nozzle can be used as safely on the tiny nostrils of a baby as on those of an adult. 1 – Lift off the protective cap, 2 – Place the nozzle gently in the nostril opening, 3 – Press the nozzle briefly, 4 – Allow the excess solution to drain away, taking mucus with it, then blow your nose, 5 – Clean the nozzle in soapy water, rinse and dry. Spray each nostril 2 to 6 times a day. The spray can be used when lying down, sitting or standing. STÉRIMAR® can be used safely again and again until it reaches the expiry date marked on the can, even after multiple uses over a period of time.


In the first months of life, a baby breathes mainly through its nose. The sneezing reflex is not yet strong enough to clear that nose if it is blocked. STÉRIMAR® is a gentle way of clearing a baby's nose, which the baby cannot do for himself by blowing, at an age when the classic decongestant remedies cannot be used. When feeding from breast or bottle, a baby finds a blocked nose all the more uncomfortable in that he cannot breathe through his mouth. Hence the need to cleanse baby's nose carefully before each meal. Nasal cleansing is particularly important for babies. Since they are prone to repeated bouts of rhinopharyngitis, is especially important to cleanse the nose and keep it clean. Up to the age of 10 or 12, children run, laugh and play and forget all about blowing their nose… the result is that they sniff a lot and have been known to wipe a nose on a sleeve in the playground ! Just as we learn to walk, so we should learn to blow our nose. Nasal cleansing with STÉRIMAR® helps make the process of learning to blow that much easier. A fine spray of STÉRIMAR® into each nostril, then the product drains away taking the mucus with it ; the child learns to "empty" his nostrils, one after the other. Now nasal secretions no longer risk being sniffed into the back of the throat where they could cause ENT problems. In cases where the nose is particularly severely blocked, your GP may advise special cleansing techniques. Remember that, whatever the circumstances, STÉRIMAR® provides the gentleness of cleansing. STÉRIMAR® is a NATURAL product. Since it was first launched in France in 1975, not a single case of side-effects or dependency has been reported. STÉRIMAR® contains no preservatives and can be used several times a day from birth.

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