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Stevia Sweet, 300 Tablets - Hermesetas - 300 Tablets

  • Produced from the most flavoursome part of the Stevia plant (Rebaudioside A).
  • Hermesetas Stevia Sweet is a calorie free sweetener for use in tea, coffee and all other hot beverages


Product Description

  • They contain no calories and no carbohydrates - an ideal way to enjoy sweetness without the worries.

    Another benefit of Stevia is that it does not increase the blood sugar level
  • The sweeteners steviol glycosides contained in Hermesetas SteviaSweet are extracted by a complex process from the leaves of the stevia plant
  • Stevia is therefore an appropriate alternative sweetener for everyone who wishes to limit his or her sugar consumption.

    Stevia is an alternative sweetener ingredient which contains absolutely no calories and has a taste very similar to that of sugar
  • Indeed, in several taste tests, beverages sweetened with Hermesetas SteviaSweet were difficult to distinguish from those sweetened with sugar.
  • For people who must pay attention to their blood sugar level this makes it a suitable part of their diet

Nutrition Information

Sweeteners: based on Steviol Glycosides and Thaumatin
1 tablet sweetens as much as one small teaspoon of sugar
Carbohydrate free
Zero calories
Sweeteners have no effect on blood glucose or insulin secretion


For the past century our company has been actively engaged in producing and exporting our sweetener ranges all over the world. The combination of our product and marketing expertise together with the market knowledge of our own local representatives and our long-standing distributor partnerships has proven to be a successful formula.

Hermes is a Swiss company and was founded in 1904 as a trading company and has marketed - amongst other products - the first sweetener Saccharin. In 1932 Hermes registered the brand 'Hermesetas' as one of the first sweetener trademarks in the world. In 1954, Hermes introduced its second brand 'Assugrin'.

Today, Hermesetas is a popular sweetener brand sold in over 100 countries world-wide and in many of these holds a leading position especially in the UK, Scandinavia and southern Europe.
Our second brand name, Assugrin, is well known and highly regarded, particularly in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Brazil.

About Brand

The brand Hermesetas was registered in 1932 as one of the first sweetener trademarks in the world. Today, Hermesetas is a popular sweetener brand sold in over 100 countries world-wide.

Hermesetas Gold, Hermesetas Tablets, Hermesetas Granulated and Hermesetas Liquid are high-quality, table top sweeteners that taste like sugar but have either no calories or practically no calories. Hermesetas can help you keep a balanced diet, a slim figure and healthy teeth.

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