CEHE10720 Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring Spray (Handy Size) - 9ml Handy Size

  • Ensure uninterrupted and peaceful sleep for snorers and their partners.


Product Description

  • With exactly the same blend of essential oils that have made the original Helps Stop Snoring spray such a hit with snorers and their partners across the world, the new sized spray is already bringing relief to thousands of sufferers
  • Completing the range of Essential Health Products snoring remedies is the new handy-sized 9ml spray
  • The 9ml spray is enough to ensure 3 weeks of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep.

    When you sleep your body relaxes, the soft tissue that lines the top of your throat looses its tone, causing it to vibrate in the airflow induced by breathing
  • Helps Stop Snoring works by re-toning this soft tissue, 'The Soft Palate', which when taut and active cannot reverberate to cause snoring


Helps Stop Snoring is an entirely natural remedy, developed over a number of years in the UK. It is a unique blend of over eleven essential oils and although the exact formula is a closely guarded secret, ingredients include; Mentha Piperita, to aid the respiratory system and Citrus Limonum, commonly used in the treatment of respiratory complaints including asthma and bronchitis.


Just deliver three full sprays towards the back of the throat, swallow and repeat once.

:: Use last thing at night and ensure the formula is delivered straight to the back of the throat. In many cases this will yield almost instant relief.
:: Some snorers benefit from the cumulative effect of the remedy so use continuously to gain full benefit.
:: Do not to eat or drink anything between using Helps Stop Snoring and going to sleep.

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