MDSG10965 Jumbo

Stratego Sci Fi Card Battle


Product Description

  • Each Army is made up of 24 cards – The Field Marshal and his Officers are there, so is the Spy, the Spotter and some bombs
  • In fact, all the participants you would expect to find if you know or have played the Stratego board game
  • Based on the ultimate head-to-head strategy board game
  • The goal of the Card Battle is the same as with the full Stratego game – capture your enemy’s flag.

    It is a different game play, of course – still tactical, but now combined with a fast-paced attacking game
  • The way to protect your flag is different, but still calls for planning and forethought of course.
  • Miners can disarm bombs, anyone else will be destroyed by them
  • Most importantly, The Flag needs to be defended
  • If you win the encounter you can attack again until your ‘front line’ have all had a turn
  • Replenish your forces and stand by for attack – it is now your opponents turn!

    Each card has its own value – Field Marshal is 10, for example but the Spy that has a value of 1 can be beaten by all other cards, but if he attacks the Field Marshal, the spy wins
  • Five cards are laid out as the front line, use them to attack your opponent

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