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Strip Lashes Glitter (Outer Edge) (pair)

  • Key Features Creates an enhanced perfect lash look for any special occasion
  • These are to be applied from the middle to the outer lashes only
  • Easy to apply
  • Care Instructions Store in a cool dry place
  • Glitter feature provides a dramatic look
  • Economic strip lashes can be re-used (on the same client only)
  • Specification Colour: Black Guidelines Apply a thin layer of adhesive sparingly to the lash base band
  • After 30 seconds the adhesive will become sticky and ready to apply
  • Position the lash by starting at the inner corner of the eye making sure you position the lash onto the eyelid and as close to the roots as possible
  • When in place hold the lash at both corners for several seconds until firmly secured
  • Replace lid on adhesive immediately after each use.
  • Outer Edge Glitter Black Strip Lashes enable you to create a perfect enhanced look for any special occasion
  • Adhesive included in pack


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