DYLA10000 Stur

Stur Cranberry Pom Water Enhancer - 50ml

  • A mouthwatering and naturally sweetened blend of of sweet pomegranates and tart cranberries! It just tastes natural, not chemical or processed
  • Add Stur to your tap water, bottled water, Sodastream/ sparkling water, even cocktails
  • Stur Cranberry Pom Water Enhancer


Product Description

  • Our Natural stevia leaf extract is steeped using gently heated water - we do not use methanol! Our Vegetable Juice is added at trace levels to give color to Stur (so you know how much you're adding), and is either beet or carrot concentrate
  • So if you like a lighter water flavoring, just add a little - and if you're feeling like a sweeter drink, you can just add more
  • To use it, just point down and squeeze in water (one squeeze per serving) - it will BLEND INSTANTLY (no stirring required, despite our name ;)
  • And along with that, Stur gives you a healthy boost of 100% Vitamin C in your delicious drink!

    CONVENIENT: Each 1.4oz bottle of Stur contains 20 servings and is designed to be PORTABLE and used on-the-go
  • Stur is also certified Kosher by ok.org
  • There are NO ARTIFICIAL or Genetically-Modified ingredients in Stur (NO aspartame, NO sucralose, NO acesulfame potassium, NO red/ yellow/ blue dyes, NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives)!

    HEALTHY - 0 SUGAR, 0 CALORIES, 100% VITAMIN C per serving! We made Stur this way to help our customers, who range from pregnant women (like our founder's wife was at the time), to parents of kids looking to avoid sugary sodas and juices, to diabetics managing blood sugar levels, to people of all ages looking to be healthier
  • plastic bottles of flavored drinks you might buy instead).
  • 100% ALL-NATURAL and NON-GMO: Our Natural fruit flavors are derived from real fruit
  • Just throw your Stur bottle in your purse or pocket - it is just as easy to use at home, at the office, and at the gym
  • No need to refrigerate! And with Stur's new fliptop cap, you can CONTROL how little or how much flavor you add
  • Stur's unique bottle is actually shaped like real fruit to represent the natural ingredients we put inside of it
  • Furthermore, Stur helps reduce environmental waste (each bottle of Stur can replace the waste of 20 8oz
  • Stur can help you DRINK 8+ GLASSES OF WATER A DAY - as encouraged by most weight management programs, including the Celebrity-Water Diet and DrinkUp campaign


Natural Flavor, Natural Stevia Extract, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and Vegetable Juice.


To use, just flip-open cap, point down and squeeze (1 second = 1 8oz. serving). Each bottle contains 20 servings - all naturally sweetened and flavored, so shake well! No refrigeration needed, for best taste use within 1 month of opening.

Manufactured by

Dyla LLC









Expected Despatch By 24/10/2016
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