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STV Pest-Free Living Cat Repeller Electronic 610

Product Description

  • It can take between 14-28 days to deliver full protection or 7 days on occasional visits

    There are 9 million cats in the UK

  • The Sonic Cat Repeller detects animals moving into this area and triggers a burst of continuously variable ultrasound, which sweeps a frequency range of 18,000Hz, 24,000 Hz to repel them
  • This enables you to check that the unit is functioning properly and to hear the swept frequency
  • Battery power is conserved by the PIR detection system, which allows the unit to remain on stand-by between activation periods, therefore maximizing battery life
  • The protected area is over 120sq
  • Simultaneously the LED indicator on the front of unit signals that it is now activated
  • Voles and other small mammals make up much of the remainder
  • The unit is also weather resistant
  • The Sonic Cat Repeller will help protect your garden habitat and encourage wildlife and birds back into it

  • The Sonic Cat Repeller is powered by two 9V alkaline batteries

  • The Sonic Cat Repeller incorporates a sophisticated PIR (Passive Infra Red) detection system, which constantly monitors a fan shaped area of a 98 degrees arc up to a distance of 12 metres
  • Protect your garden habitat with the Big Cheese Cat repeller

  • The mammal society says cats kill around 275 million prey items a year, including 55 million birds
  • The Push on/off Test Button on the face of the unit will drop the sonic frequency to an audible range

  • meters of unobstructed space

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