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STV Pest-Free Living Squirrel Cage Trap

Product Description

  • This easy to set STV076 is a robust spring loaded metal cage trap into which the squirrel enters, lured in by food
  • STV076 is made from steel bars.

    This STV cage trap is large enough to hold the squirrel, and most squirrel-size cage traps are at least 16-inches long and 5-inches high and wide

  • There are many different makes and models of cage trap

  • And is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

    Near the back of the cage is a trip pan, so when the squirrel steps on the pan, it triggers the trap door shut, and the animal is trapped inside, alive

  • If its too small, the animal wont fit inside, or may trigger the trip pan, but not allow clearance for the door to shut all the way adding the squirrels escape
  • If its too large, the squirrel may run around and smash itself against the cage walls and hurt itself.

    44 x 19 x 19cm (17 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2in)

  • Some other traps are made from different materials, such as solid-walled plastic or other materials

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