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Sukrin Gold Natural Sweetener - 220g

  • Sukrin Gold, our all-natural sweetener and alternative to brown sugar - all of the aroma, sweetness and flavour without the calories, and 97% less available carbs than sugar
  • Sukrin Gold Natural Sweetener
  • The first ever all-natural brown sugar-free sweetener with the aroma, sweetness, flavour and texture of brown sugar.


Product Description

  • Makes baking and desserts sugar-free without compromising on taste.

    98% less calories than sugar
    All-natural alternative to brown sugar
    1 GI, less than 1 calorie per teaspoon

    Sweetness with less than 1 kcal per teaspoon (5g)

    Sukrin Gold is an all-natural sugar substitute with less than 1 kcal per teaspoon, which is 0% of your GDA (Guideline Daily Amount).

    Studies show that Sukrin Gold does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels in the body
  • Perfect in tea and coffee, over cereals, porridge and yoghurt
  • This means that Sukrin Gold can be safely used by diabetics.

    100% safe and all-natural

    Many people would like to limit their sugar consumption, but are concerned about the safety of artificial sweeteners
  • Sukrin Gold is a 100% all-natural product with no additives, based on the Polyol erythritol
  • Erythritol occurs naturally in pears and melons.

    Sukrin Gold is produced by a natural fermentation process

    All-natural Sukrin Gold is made of erythritol, which is made from glucose extracted from non-GM corn starch.

    Ingredients: Natural sweetener erythritol (polyol), tagatose, glycerol, malt extract (gluten-free) and steviol glycosides.


Why Sukrin Gold?

Natural taste

Sukrin Gold is the first ever all-natural sweetener with the aroma, flavour and texture of granulated brown sugar. Sukrin Gold is perfect over berries, cereals, porridge and yoghurt and makes drinks, baking and desserts sugar free without compromise.

Health benefits of Sukrin Gold

If you enjoy eating healthily, Sukrin Gold is the all-natural alternative to brown sugar. Less than one calorie per teaspoon (5g), Sukrin Gold has a GI of 1, and only 1g of net carbohydrate that affects the blood sugar per 100g.

Sukrin Gold protects your teeth by curbing the growth of bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities. Daily use of Sukrin Gold may therefore improve dental health.

Studies show that Sukrin Gold has the ability to fight free radicals in the body, and thus acts as an antioxidant. It may also help to protect against damage in blood vessels caused by elevated blood sugar levels.

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