EGOP10050 Sunsense

Sunsense Daily Face SPF 50+ - 75ml

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  • Sunsense combines the benefits of a moisturiser with the protection of an SPF 50+ sunscreen to help prevent premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin due to sun exposure


Product Description

  • Ideal for use as a protective daily moisturiser, all year round.
  • Screens infrared and visible light.
  • Does not contain PABA, PABA derivatives or lanolin to reduce the risk of sensitivity reactions to those people who are already sensitive to these ingredients. Use For: Suitable for face, and neck Normal to combination skin Acne prone skin.
  • The oil free base also makes it suitable for acne prone skin.
  • Blocks UV-A and UV-B rays.
  • - Contains a sheer tint, which is invisible on the skin and gives a matt finish.


Active Ingredients: - Titanium dioxide (UV-A, UV-B, I/R, Vis) - Benzophenone-3 (UV-A, UV-B) - Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (UV-A) Preservatives: - Phenoxyethanol - Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate - Methylparaben - Propylparaben


Use SUNSENSE everyday, particularly on your face and the backs of you hands to help prevent dry, leathery skin, wrinkles, mottling and other premature ageing as well as more serious problems such as skin cancer. When out in the sun apply SUNSENSE to all exposed areas of the skin, wear a broad rimmed hat and a t-shirt of closely woven material. SUNSENSE should be applied to clean, dry skin, 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. This allows the sunscreen to bond to the skin. Sunscreens wear off the skin with normal usage, so re-apply SUNSENSE at least every 2 hours and after swimming, exercise, heavy perspiration and towelling dry. Apply SUNSENSE even when sitting in the shade, surfaces such as sand, water, snow and concrete can reflect the sun’s rays onto your skin even though you are in the shade. Apply SUNSENSE on overcast days. The sun’s rays can damage you skin on cloudy days too. Don’t just wear SUNSENSE in summer. The sun shines all year round and can damage your skin even during winter. A broad-spectrum sunscreening preparation of SPF 20 or greater. Can aid in the prevention of skin cancer, solar keratoses, sunspots, premature skin ageing.


Over recent years, we have become very aware of the toll the sun takes on our skin. It is therefore very important to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful radiation by using an effective sunscreen and other sun protection measures to protect against sunburn and help prevent skin cancer. SUNSENSE sunscreens are specially formulated to provide high SPFs to protect against sunburn and help prevent premature ageing and skin cancer due to sun exposure. They are also easy to apply and non-greasy, which means it feels better on your skin.

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5 out of 5
By jimpey | Posted on: 25/04/2014

Excellent product

I had skin cancer some years ago and once cleared I was asked if I always wore a hat. When I replied no because I non't like hats my consultant said if I used this product I need not ware a hat. I have remaind clear for the past four years just useing this product


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