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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Supasoft Aerobic Mat - Blue - Medium (14mm)

  • The ultimate Mat for durability and comfort combined.

Product Description

  • The Ultimate Mat for durability and comfort combined
  • Anti-tear cut out hanging holes are suitable for the Airex® Mat Storage Systems or the Rbk Mat Racks make these mats easy to store and to carry around
  • Surface washable but will not absorb moisture
  • Manufactured with two strong non-tear creases which enable the mat to be doubled up at one end for extra cushioning or folded for easy storage instead of using the hanging holes
  • Innovative moulded design – means stronger, longer lasting mats
  • Conforms to British Standards
  • The next generation of Aerobics Mats
  • Thermal properties – protects joints from cold and hard surfaces
  • All Supasoft Mats are CE approved and made in England
  • Soft but ultra strong and supportive
  • Non-slip design with rounded corners
  • Dimensions – L 1500mm x W 500mm x D 14mm (60” x 20” x 14mm)

  • Provides support for spine, hips and other joints
  • Lightweight – the small Mat weighs only 175 grams
  • Latex free

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