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Superfoodies Wheatgrass Powder - 100g

  • Wheatgrass powder is dried at low temperatures in order to retain an optimal number of its naturally occurring nutrients, including vitamins (A, C, E and K), minerals (potassium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium), protein, fibre, amino acids, enzymes.
  • Superfoodies Wheatgrass Powder



Serve Superfoodies granola with a generous splash of nut or hemp milk, kefir, yogurt or ordinary milk, or experiment to your heart’s content with a variety of fresh fruits. If, like us, you have a particularly sweet tooth, try adding honey or coconut nectar for an irresistibly indulgent start to your day! Superfoodies granolas are also gluten free and compatible with a paleo diet Superfoodies firmly believe in the power of nature – that’s why each and every Superfoodies product is unprocessed, never heated above 42 degrees (raw food) and certified organic. In addition, Superfoodies clearly communicate the origin of their superfoods, always choose for sustainable and ethical suppliers, are open about their ingredients, and honest about the composition and preparation of their products. Superfoodies believes in being respectful of nature. You can be safe in the knowledge that all Superfoodies is completely free from artificial additives, refined sugars and other nasties.

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