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Superfruit Acai Freeze Dried 500mg - 60 Capsules

  • Acai berries grow wild on palm trees in the Amazon rainforest in South America
  • Superfruit Acai Freeze Dried 500mg
  • Acai is a concentrated source of polyphenol antioxidants
  • Acai capsules are a simple and convenient dietary supplement for those who do not like to mix the powder into drinks.
  • Superfruit’s Acai capsules consists of 100% freeze-dried acai powder


Product Description

  • Fresh acai has an ORAC (oxygen-radical absorbance capacity) value of 184 µmolTE/g compared with cultivated blueberries at 32 and wild blueberries at 61 µmolTE/g.

    The energy of acai comes from essential fatty acids
  • Acai contains 30 times more polyphenols than red wine and 3-6 times as many polyphenols as blueberries
  • Most of the carbohydrate intake (67% overall) from consumption of Acai powder is fiber (62.5%) of which 59% is insoluble fiber.

    Acai powder contains almost no sugar and has a GI <1, making it suitable for sugar free diets
  • From the daily dose you also get 21% of the RDA of iron
  • Superfruit’s capsules contain no fillers
  • Acai powder contains polyunsaturated omega 6 (3%) and mono-unsaturated omega 9 (13%)
  • The capsule itself is made of vegetable cellulose and is therefore 100% Vegetarian.


Organic freeze-dried Açaí berry powder (Euterpe oleracea Mart.). The fruit comes from Brazil. Vegetable capsules: cellulose.


This product should not be taken by people who know they are hypersensitive to Açaí fruit.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Recommended dosage: 2 capsules daily with meals. Recommended dose should not be exceeded.

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