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Superfruit Mulberries EU Organic - 160g

  • Superfruit Mulberries EU Organic
  • Superfruit’s dried White Mulberries are sweet, delicious, organic and rich in vitamin C and iron!
  • Used as a snack or in cooking and baking!


Product Description

  • White mulberries are well-known around the Mediterranean and in Asia
  • They are especially common in Turkey and Greece
  • When baking, they develop a sweet and nutty flavor
  • They can be used in bread, cakes and other goodies
  • They also have a unique nutritional content
  • Mulberries are rich in Vitamin C and Iron
  • Superfruit’s Mulberries are picked directly from the tree and dried, so you can eat them any time of year
  • Superfruit’s Mulberries are also grown organically
  • We recommend that you eat a handful of White Mulberries a day, since they’re both good and nutritious
  • Mulberries are sweet and nutty in character
  • Eat them as they are, put them in salads and use them in cooking and smoothies
  • Mix with some of our other fruits and you’ll have an exciting mix


Mulberry (Morus alba L.)

Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information: per 100g Energy 945 kJ / 225 kcal Fat 2,0g whereof saturated fat 0,0g Carbohydrates 40,5g whereof sugar 40,5g Fiber 8,5g Protein 7,0g Salt 0,1g Calcium 195 mg (24% DRI) Iron 9,5 mg (68% DRI) Vitamin C 182 mg (228% DRI)


Storage: Best dark, dry and cool.

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