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Superlife Superfood Original Smoothie Mix - 300g

  • Our Superl!fe Superfood Mix is a great combination of eight raw superfoods that can add easy green nutrition to your day! It contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients, all in natural plant powder form for easy digestion and absorption
  • Superlife Superfood Original Smoothie Mix


Product Description

  • It is high in protein, B vitamins and low in sugar.

    Hemp – Hearty hemp is naturally high in plant protein, fiber, iron, calcium and magnesium.

    Chlorella - Is nature's highest source of chlorophyll
  • Treat you and your body to a blast of Superfood goodness.

    Instead of measuring out many different superfoods into your smoothie, we have made it this easy: ALL IN ONE SOLUTION

    Benefits of Ingredients:

    Maca - A Peruvian root that is a source of protein, fiber and essential amino acids.

    Lucuma - Is a sweet fruit from Peru, also known as "Gold Of The Incas." It is a source of iron, B3 and fiber.

    Cacao - The cacao bean is where our chocolate comes from and it is a source of magnesium and protein.

    Spirulina - Is a powerful green algae
  • It also contains protein, iron and fiber.

    Kelp - A brown algae that is high in iodine.

    Barley Grass - Is a grass that is high in chlorophyll, protein and fiber.


Hemp powder*(36%), Maca*(18%), Lucuma*(16%), Spirulina*(9%), Cacao*(8%), Barley Grass*(6%), Chlorella*(5%), Kelp*(3%). *Organic


Instructions for use:
Blend: 1-2 heaping Tablespoons of our superfood mix with 1/2 cup of water and some fruit (1 banana and 3/4 cups of other fruit).

The riper the fruit - the sweeter your smoothie will be!

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