NURE10017 Supernutrients

Supernutrients Organic Coconut Sugar - 150g

  • It has a sweet caramelly flavour and can be directly substituted for granulated cane sugar in any favourite recipe
  • Supernutrients Organic Coconut Sugar is a richly flavoured, low-glycemic sweetener, sustainably grown in Indonesia
  • Use it in baking, to sweeten raw chocolate recipes.


Product Description

  • After an incision is made in the stalk of the coconut flower, the sap begins to run
  • The syrup is allowed to cool and set into a solid paste, which, depending on the caramelisation that has occurred, can be a very deep brown colour
  • During this process, water, lime and organic mangosteen’s peel are added to prevent fast fermentation
  • Whilst fermentation is necessary for the preparation of coconut wine or vinegar, it must be avoided in the making of sugar
    107 In order to catch the sap from the coconut tree, farmers must climb to the top of the palm, using great strength and skill
  • It is usually collected in the mornings, sometimes in empty coconut shells or a bamboo container.
    It is then heated in large open pots until the translucent liquid turns into a thick and concentrated syrup, known as jaggery
  • Due to the minimal processing and small batch production of this product, the taste, colour and texture may vary from batch to batch and even between packages.
    104 The paste is then transported to a processing centre for granulation
  • The resulting sugar crystals are dried, sieved and carefully inspected, ensuring that only product of the highest quality goes on to be weighed and, finally, packaged.
    Coconut palm sugar is a source of potassium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure, normal muscle function, and normal functioning of the nervous system.

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