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NURE10018 Supernutrients

Supernutrients Virgin Coconut Oil - 500ml

by Supernutrients
  • Our virgin coconut oil comes from Sri Lanka, where the coconut bearing palm tree Cocos nucifera is a key contributor to not only the diet, but also the history and culture of the country
  • [1] This versatile crop provides a nutritious edible drupe (the coconut “fruit”) , refreshing coconut water, tough fibrous husks and palm leaves which can be woven into building and clothing materials, and of course the rich creamy coconut oil used in cooking, cosmetics and traditional medicine
  • Supernutrients Virgin Coconut Oil
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  • Expected Despatch By 13/12/2016


Product Description

    • The flesh of the coconut is dense with natural oils, and provides a range of essential nutrients making them an incredibly nutritious as well as easily accessible source of food for local people
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      The coconut palm produces both male and female flowers which bloom at different times, so that a single tree cannot self pollinate
    • We are proud to be associated with an organisation which takes such an ethical stance, operating with consideration for the local community
    • They are then cut open to remove the tough outer husk which can be burned for fuel
    • Dried coconut meat is called copra – low quality coconut oils are made from this dried copra which must be processed using heat and chemicals to extract the oil
    • In addition to providing regular work and a fair wage to all employees, our organic coconut suppliers also fund education in local areas and offer a food package to assist employees in feeding their families
    • [3] This industry provides jobs to local people in areas where unemployment is otherwise high, another way in which coconut cultivation benefits local communities
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      The coconuts used to produce our coconut oil are harvested from organic plantations in Sri Lanka
    • The drupe inside is then shelled, and the white fleshy kernel inside separated to be washed
    • Sri Lanka alone is estimated to produce over 2 million tonnes of fresh coconuts each year
    • Our coconut oil is only made from fresh, moist coconut meat which can be cold pressed to produce the finest virgin coconut oil
    • Early islanders in Sri Lanka would rely on a single tree to provide food for an entire family, with each tree capable of producing over 200 fruits per year
    • Mature trees may be in excess of 30 feet high, and will begin bearing fruit from around 7 years of age
    • [1] Coconut oil is ideal for cooking with, as the molecules are stable enough to withstand heat without becoming oxidised.

      Our virgin coconut oil can be used safely in cooking, and retains a pleasant coconut flavour and aroma, which will complement your recipes while benefitting your health.
    • If a mature coconut drupe falls from the tree and is left to grow, it will develop a shoot which pierces through one of the coconut “eyes” and is nourished by the fleshy white meat of the coconut drupe until it forms roots
    • [1]
      Coconuts are produced all year round so there is no annual harvest; mature drupes must be cut down by hand using a machete
    • [1]
      coconut5The cleaned kernel is simply mechanically cold pressed until it exudes the rich oil which can be collected and purified through simple filtration and centrifugation, so that only the purest coconut oil makes it into the finished product
    • Coconuts are a vital part of the daily diet of many people in the consistently hot and humid regions where coconut palms thrive
    • [2]
      coconut2As well as thriving in the wild, the coconut palm is widely cultivated across the world
    • [1]
      Coconut palms quickly colonise new areas and can often be found growing along coastlines where the drupes wash up after months at sea, being carried with the ocean’s currents to new territories
    • A typical coconut palm will continue to live for 80 years producing fruit all year long
    • These coconut estates offer employment to local people, especially women who have the opportunity to work close to their homes, being employed as lab technicians, accountants and cleaning personnel

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