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Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes

  • These eye pads are individually packed sterile soft viscose pads moistened and soaked with plant extracts to provide soothing effects
  • Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes are a newly developed product for external eye hygiene for the whole family
  • Baby Eye Wipes.

Product Description

  • For removing build up and debris on lids and lashes
  • Supranettes are suitable for cleaning yours and your children’s eyelids and eyelashes on a daily basis.

    Areas of use:
    For daily aseptic cleaning of eyelids and eyelashes
    Ideal for babies’ eyes to remove debris caused by blocked tear ducts a common condition in babies
  • For soothing puffy eyes
    Can also be used on the delicate skin of babies’ noses

    Benefits of Using SUPRANETTES
    Since Supranettes are made of soft viscose there is no hassle with left over fuzz from cotton pads
    Witch hazel, one of the components in Supranettes has astringent and anti-oxidating properties, cools and dries
  • Individually wrapped and sealed packages for one time use ensures hygienic use of the pads
    Calendula soothes mucous membranes
  • Supranettes cleans mucous and epithelial residues gently and thoroughly
    Is gentle enough to be used on babies’s eyes
    Helps to clean away any crusting of eyelids.

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