BFUK14968 Supre Tan

Supre Bloomin Dark Natural Bronzer Bottle

  • This Ultra Dark Streak Free Bronzing blend enhances your tan by delivering a perfect balance of beautiful dark color
  • Size: 10.1 oz / 0.57 oz packette
  • Skin Smoothing Silicones provide silky soft skin as a captivating fragrance leaves you smelling absolutely divine.Natural Bronzing Blend of Henna Caramel and Black Walnut Shell helps provide dark streak free color.Natural tanning ingredients help prepare skin for a rich natural looking tan.A powerful bouquet of seven Age Defying Floral Extracts of Sunflower Passion Flower Rose Honeysuckle Gardenia Lotus Blossom and Calendula hydrate and nourish the skin and soften the appearance of wrinkles for a more youthful looking glow.Petal Soft Silicones leave your skin feeling incrediably soft and silky
  • Product DescriptionLet your enchanted color blossom with Bloomin Dark Natural Bronzer
  • This lovely arrangement combines an Age Defying bouquet of seven Floral Extracts that help hydrate and nourish for a more youthful looking appearance


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