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[Swarovski] SS6 Olivine

  • 1.9mm-2.1mm) 100% Brand NEW Genuine Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones in original factory packing Swarovski foiled flat-back crystals are foil backed which gives them Superior Glitz Glamour and Shine Swarovski is the finest quality leaded crystals made today
  • Colour: Olivine Crystal (228) Type: Foiled Flat Black Quantity:144pcs Size: SS 6 (Approx
  • Their 14 facets are cut with tremendous precision creating beautiful prisms! They are being used to embellish everything that needs that extra **SPARKLE & SHINE**! These beautiful rose cut crystals can be applied to many different areas
  • You can adjust positioning before the glue dry away Your finished item should dry for at least 24 hours For the best results let them cure 3-7 days 1Gross : 144 pcs 10 Gross : 1440 pcs For ordering 10 gross (1440pcs) of the same type & size we will provide original Swarovski 10 gross package as shown
  • Nail Art Design Personalise your mobile phone or just for making personalised card Attention : All Merchandise is 100% Authentic SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED LINE made in AUSTRIA Use: To apply crystals with Gem Tac (glue) / glue for rhinestones on particular surfaces Place a very small bead of glue on the underside of the crystal and position gently to avoid oozing
  • Please feel free to contact us to order othercolor size or quantity.


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