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Swim-Eze Ear Drops for Clearing Trapped Water 30ml

  • Swim-Eze Ear Drops for Clearing Trapped Water 30ml

Product Description

Dries water in the ears and relieves water-clogged ears, thereby relieving discomfort, the sensation of full\r\nness or hearing impairment.
\r\nEliminates the unpleasant symptoms of trapped ear water, feeling of pressure in the ears, temporary impairment of hearing, painful ear discomfort.
\r\nWorks within seconds.
\r\nPowerful surface tension releasing action.
\r\nEvaporates trapped ear water leaving the ear clean, water free and dry.
\r\nDramatically reduces risk of painful ear infections by removing any trace of water and bacteria.
\r\nRecommended for use after swimming, diving, bathing and water sports.
\r\nCombats trapped ear water when the problem occurs rather than having to use a preventative measure.
\r\nPack Size: 30ml
\r\nApply 4 to 5 drops in each affected ear.
\r\nFlammable: Keep away from fire or flame.
\r\nDo not use in the eyes.
\r\nDo not use if you have an ear infection.
\r\nAsk a doctor before use if you have ear discharge, pain, irritation or rash in ear, or had ear surgery or dizziness
\r\nDrug Facts:
\r\nActive Ingredients (in each mL)
\r\nIsopropyl alcohol, (95%)
\r\nInactive Ingredient: Anhydrous glycerine 5% base

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