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Swiss Herbal Remedies Ashwaganda Tincture - 50ml

  • Swiss Herbal Remedies ashwagandha tincture (withania somnifera)is an organic, decocted tincture, 1:3, 45% alcohol
  • You can take this herb before your stressful times


Product Description

  • 'Indian Ginseng' - Ancient answer to the stress of modern life
  • Ashwagandha has been studied extensively
  • Its roots and leaves contain alkaloids and steroidal lactones, such as the withanolides
  • The alkaloids in ashwagandha have been shown to be sedative and to lower blood pressure
  • The withanolides are anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and protect the liver against damage by toxins
  • The most interesting effect though is its anti-stress effect
  • The main function of ashwagandha is that it delays the release of cortisol and thus prevents the negative effects of long term stress, whilst preventing adrenal exhaustion


Ashwagandha is a very safe herb and is safely administered to children. The only time caution needs to be exercised is if you are also taking tranquillisers, sedatives or sleeping tablets from the doctor.


Take 20 drops of the Swiss Herbal Remedies tincture, three times daily before meals. Mix with a little water. You can take this herb before your stressful times, as required, before going to work for example, or, at night to aid sleep.


Ashwagandha is also sedative and lowers blood pressure. It is effective in stopping the formation of stress induced ulcers. Ashwagandha also increases the numbers of immune cells known as T and B cells, thus helping to fight infections. All these actions directly oppose the effects of stress. In one study, in which ashwagandha was given to groups of elderly men, it was found to increase red blood cell count, improve haemoglobin levels, increase endurance and stamina and increase lean weight. Over 71% reported an improvement in sexual function. Another area where Ashwagandha is becoming popular is in sports and athletics. Ashwagandha, by blocking the effect of cortisol preserves your muscle mass and protects you from the detrimental effects of excess training. It's the perfect natural anabolic edge. Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest, intact, surviving traditional medical system. The system originated in ancient India some five thousand years or more ago. One of the main thrusts of Ayurvedic medicine since these early times has been the use of tonic herbs. Ashwagandha is just one such tonic/adaptogen and it is described in the early texts as a tonic, anti-ageing, anti-exhaustion, rejuvenating and aphrodisiac herb. The modern word for tonic is adaptogen and refers to herbs that help the body to cope with and overcome the effects of all kinds of stress, physical or mental, and restore lost energy without interfering with the bodies functions, and have no side-effects or adverse reactions.

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