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  • Also damiana seems to have a testosterone like effect.
  • One of the primary features of the use of damiana is that it has a mild sedative and euphoric effect


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  • Chemically it contains elements such as an essential oil, resin, flavones and a bitter.

    One of the primary features of the use of Damiana is that it has a mild sedative an euphoric effect
  • Even though having a major history and reputation as an aphrodisiac there is little modern research on this aspect of the plant
  • The indigenous peoples of the Americas knew this and the herb was often smoked for this effect
  • Testosterone, the primary male hormone, is responsible for the sex drive in both sexes
  • Progesterone is one of the female sex hormones, and just like oestrogen, declines after the menopause
  • This effect by itself is a useful aid to better sex as it enhances mood and removes anxiety
  • Damiana therefore, may be useful in restoring libido particularly well in post-menopausal women.

    Regardless of the exact mode of action Damiana most certainly can re-generate a flagging libido, not just for women but also men.
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  • Which chemicals are responsible for this effect though is theoretical at the moment
  • In fact over the years Damiana has gained an excellent reputation in the treatment of nervous exhaustion in general
  • More than this though is the fact that many authorities have pointed out that Damiana seems to have a testosterone like effect
  • Damiana helps capture the mood
  • This effect is almost certainly due to the essential oil
  • Interestingly, modern research has show that Damiana stimulates progesterone receptors
  • Some authorities propose that the resin may be responsible as resins usually contain steroid like chemicals with a similar shape to testosterone
  • The essential oil contains gamma cadinene which is obviously related to delta-cadinene found in frankincense, and which has a known testosterone stimulating effect


Damiana is a small woody bush that grows in the moist and hot zones of the American continent from Southern California to Argentina. The herb was named Damiana by the Christian missionary Juan Maria de Salvatierra who went to Mexico in the seventeenth century. The herb is named for St. Damian, the patron saint of pharmacy. Whilst he taught the indigenous Mexican population about Christianity, they in return taught him about the local herbal medicines, one of which was Damiana. Damiana was called many things by the Mexican Indians including names such as 'lets the shirt of the man be removed'! An obvious allusion to its aphrodisiac effect. Other names given to the plant included womens names, again telling us that this herb was used as an aphrodisiac, particularly beneficial for women. The part of the plant used medicinally is the whole herb; stems and leaves. Damiana was also an important ingredient in the Aztec emperor Moctezumas closely guarded secret love brew that he would drink before visiting his harem. Damiana was in fact called Turnera aphrodisiaca until crusty botanists decided the name unsuitable for their plant naming system!

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