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Swiss Herbal Remedies Echinacea Tincture - 50ml

  • It is a decocted tincture, 1:3, and 45% alcohol
  • Echinacea tincture contains a mixture of 50:50 angustifolia:purpurea and is made from root and tops
  • Echinacea is the primary herbal immune stimulant.


Product Description

  • However, the whole plant can be used as the leaves and flowers contain useful medicinal constituents as well as the root
  • Echinacea could, in theory, be used as part of the treatment any bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infection
  • Echinacea is also useful in the treatment of vaginal infections such as Candida and Trichomonas.

    Gut infections - Any type of gut infection will benefit from the use of Echinacea
  • Echinacea has become one of the most popular herbs of our age with annual sales figures world-wide to the order of tens of millions of dollars.

    Part used: The root is the most commonly used part
  • Specific applications of Echinacea: Due to the fact Echinacea causes an increased immune response then the number of conditions that could be approached with it are obviously quite numerous
  • Respiratory infections - Echinacea helps to reduce the symptoms of colds and influenza and speeds the recovery process
  • In fact externally, Echinacea is not only useful to fight infection but to clean wounds reduce inflammation of the skin and encourage healing.
  • Echinacea can also be used in the treatment of bronchitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis and middle ear infections
  • Echinacea is useful if the cause is viral or bacterial.

    Urinary tract infections - Acute or chronic cases of cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis will benefit from the addition of Echinacea to the treatment regimen
  • Nowadays gut parasites and Candida seem to be an ever increasing problem and Echinacea is perfectly poised to help us fight these problems.

    Skin infections - Echinacea can be taken internally and applied externally to all types of bacterial and viral skin infection


There are several groups of chemicals in Echinacea that contribute to its overall activity. For this reason Echinacea is best used as a whole extract, such as a tincture, rather than a standardised extract. Standardised extracts are made with one specific chemical used as a measure of the herbs activity. An extract should also be made from the root and the herb, as we saw above, there are actives in both parts of the herb. The chemical makeup of purpurea and angustifolia vary slightly, so to gain maximum benefit, an extract should be made from both species. The Swiss Herbal Remedies Echinacea tincture is a 50:50 mix of purpurea and angustifolia and is made from roots and tops of the herb.


Echinacea is a very safe herb for children as well as adults.

People who should not take it are transplant patients and those on immuno-suppressive therapy.

Echinacea can be taken both short and long term. There is no reason for the latest fad of taking it on a staggered basis.


Take 20 drops of Swiss Herbal Remedies Echinacea tincture, three times daily, before meals. Mix with a little water. This dosage can be doubled if you need to take more drastic action in stubborn infections.

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