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Swiss Herbal Remedies Ginger Tincture - 50ml

  • Fresh, organic, standard tincture
  • 90% alcohol.
  • Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory and therefore useful for treating arthritis.

Product Description

Ginger is a plant native to southern Asia but is now cultivated around the globe such is its popularity. Ginger is one of the oldest known herbal medicines and was eagerly adopted by all traditional medical systems that had access to it.

Ginger root contains a volatile oil, gingerols and shogaols (the hot/pungent elements), carbohydrates, protein, lecithins, fatty acids and niacin.

The main traditional uses of ginger were in the treatment of gut disorders ranging from nausea to flatulence. Nowadays, it has been demonstrated that ginger is one of the best anti-nausea agents on Earth. It helps to overcome all types of nausea and vomiting. It helps overcome motion sickness, vertigo, morning sickness of pregnancy, sickness related to trauma and surgery and drug induced nausea. It is a great herb for treating nausea that may accompany gynaecological/menstrual disturbances.

Ginger has recently shown itself to be an excellent anti-inflammatory and therefore useful for treating arthritis.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medical system of India, ginger is described unashamedly as an aphrodisiac. The reason for the aphrodisiac effect is that ginger drives the blood to the extremities, increasing blood flow to the hands, feet and genitalia. This effect is not just good for men. The clitoris also has to be engorged with blood during sexual activity. Interestingly, ginger is also used to treat vaginismus, painful spasm of the vagina. Ginger helps to relax the muscles of the pelvis and vagina. Ginger can be combined with all the other aphrodisiac herbs. Traditionally speaking, a circulatory stimulant such as ginger would be added to a mixture to direct its effect.


Do not use ginger if you have very high blood pressure or if you have an inflammatory or ulcerated condition of the gut.


Take 20 drops of Swiss Herbal Remedies ginger root tincture, three times daily, before meals. Mix with a little water.

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